BOE discusses 2008 bond issue progress so far
Superintendent John Allison shared with the Board of Education the progress that has been made so far as a result of the 2008 bond issue, what is yet to be completed, an update on the schools that are still currently on “pause and study” and reviewed the state funding crisis that has forced the district to make some changes to the bond plan. Read the PowerPoint presentation Superintendent Allison presented to the BOE. Click here to watch the BOE presentation and discussion. 

To date, the 2008 bond issue has provided eight brand-new school facilities, 132 additional classrooms, 46 renovated classrooms, 43 safe room storm shelters, upgraded technical education classrooms, new and remodeled auditoriums and fine arts facilities and significant P.E. and athletic improvements. Click here to read the Accomplished report of all the bond projects that are completed or under contract for construction. Click here for the Programming and Design report for the 16 bond projects currently in design. 

Superintendent Allison also talked about the Pause and Study process that was implemented in January 2011. After the bond issue passed, the economy changed. The purpose of the Pause and Study was to look at each project that wasn’t under design or construction because state funding to staff additional classrooms and open new schools had disappeared. There were 67 schools on the initial pause and study list and currently there are 15 projects remaining. Click here to see the 15 projects still part of Pause and Study.

State funding is the driving factor for the changes to the bond issue after it was passed in 2008. The district saw more than $20 million that was anticipated in capital equalization funding, which was cut by the state. The state also cut the Base State Aid Per Pupil since 2008, which would have provided millions of dollars to support additional staff and maintenance for the new facilities and new additions. 

“That’s where we see the gap of what was anticipated to be funded and what we actually received from the state during that time,” Superintendent Allison said. 

“When you clearly look at the critical components that were part of the bond plan when it passed, as well as what has been accomplished, we been pretty successful with all those cuts and the ability to move forward,” he added.

At the next BOE meeting, the Board will look at the bond work that is yet to be done, current bond issue dollars and how the BOE would like to move forward with the rest of the projects on pause. 

More information about the bond issue can be found at

Last Updated: 2/19/13
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