BOE looks at bond projects on pause
Superintendent John Allison shared with the Board of Education the status of the 16 school bond projects that are currently in design and those remaining on the “pause and study” list during its March 4 meeting. Read the PowerPoint presentation Superintendent Allison presented to the BOE Click here to watch the BOE presentation and discussion.

As part of the discussion, Superintendent Allison talked about the budget and the remaining bond funds. Of the $370 million spent on bond projects, there is $71 million remaining. 

“I’ve been asked if we have the dollars to complete the plan. The simple answer is yes for the bricks and mortar and those aspects. But the problem is not having the funds to pay for staff which would allow us to move forward,” Superintendent Allison said. 

The BOE looked at each of the fifteen projects that are currently on the pause and study list: Caldwell, Chisholm Life Skills, Coleman, Greiffenstein/Wells, Hamilton, Levy, Little, Metro-Meridian, Payne, Robinson, Southeast, Woodland, as well as the new southeast quadrant high school and tech high school program.  The BOE looked at the schools’ original bond plan, and the costs associated with those projects.  

Superintendent Allison said there are five key items to take into consideration when deciding to move forward on the paused projects, including programmatic changes including requirements for special education and technical education, enrollment projections for those schools, the scope of the project, the size of the school site and financial considerations, including the cost of materials increasing as projects are delayed. 

BOE members asked questions about the bond issue plan and requested more specific information about several projects from Superintendent Allison. The BOE will take that information into consideration as they continue their conversation regarding the remaining bond projects moving forward during a Committee of the Whole meeting on Monday, March 11.

BOE President Lynn Rogers said there have been discussions in the neighborhood about Southeast High School moving to the new southeast quadrant high school. Rogers said there have been no discussions or decisions at the BOE table about this topic, but he emphasized that if the BOE made a decision, they would not leave Southeast empty.

At the February 11 meeting, the BOE had looked at the bond issue progress so far and the budget challenges that have occurred since the bond issue passed in 2008. 

More information about the bond issue can be found at

Last Updated: 3/11/13
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